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Experienced and successful electronics engineering / physics professional ready for an intellectually stimulating new career opportunity in science and/or engineering, where I can:
  • Leverage a broad cross-section of my knowledge and analytical abilities.
  • Work in a collaborative team environment which values commitment and results.
  • Make a significant contribution to the organization's goals and aspirations.

Also available for consultation work. 

I have completed many successful product development cycles and projects, with experience in all the major roles. My experience in the hardware, firmware, and systems engineering design trenches has been deep and diverse enough to give me a good idea of what works, and how to avoid common risk factors.

As a project manager, I know the value of everyone being on the same page; also the value of motivation and what it takes to get things done effectively, within budget, and on time. I am a team player, able to work in a collaborative team setting, or alone with minimal supervision. I have extensive experience directing engineering teams, am a good mediator, and can bring my management and engineering expertise to bear on your projects.

Six years experience teaching the EE curriculum helped crystallize my strong analytical bent, which together with a "getting better" mindset, gives me great persistence and resourcefulness in solving problems and finding solutions.  I believe that questions such as "Why?" "Why not?" "What if?" or "Can you show me the data?" are crucial to progress. I also know the value of  a formal phased development process, and the power of PTCR (Performance, Time, Cost, Risk) analysis of design alternatives. Due to the realities of cost-of-change curves, I also know the value of appropriate scope definition, early prototyping, forward planning, and doing things right the first time.

All companies must solve problems, whether they are product-related or organizational. I can help you solve yours!