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 Chief Technical Officer   Chief Systems Architect
VP Engineering  Director of Engineering  Engineering Professor
Biomedical Engineer     Astronomer     Environmental Scientist
Physicist     Software Engineer     Hardware Engineer
Instrumentation Engineer   Audio/Video Engineer    RF Engineer
Staff Scientist/Engineer  Visionary  Applied Mathematician
Analog/Digital Designer   Inventor   Algorithm Designer
Technical/Scientific Writer  Mentor  Team Leader
Project Manager  Team Player

"Increasing competitive effectiveness through innovative knowledge-based
development processes and technology strategies that support and
enhance business and organizational objectives."


Results-driven, accomplished technology thought leader and polymath with a proven record of unmitigated innovation and insight.
Over fifteen years� experience in
systems engineering, platform design and engineering project management; an energetic, versatile team leader who knows the importance of planning and preparation in the consistent delivery of high quality, reliable, and cost-effective products. Has expert-level knowledge of applied physics, applied mathematics, and electronic engineering theory and practice, from product concept to manufacture. Builds, manages, and participates in, highly motivated, focused, collaborative engineering teams. A team player
who encourages team synergy through cooperative interaction (there is no "I" in team). Knows the value of questions such as, Why? Why not? What if? in the creative process. Strong analytical aptitude. Naturally inquisitive. Leverages depth and multidisciplinary breadth of knowledge to drive the identification, selection, and implementation of systems and architectures in support of business and organizational objectives. Has a demonstrated ability to see trends and connections that others miss, and who challenges assumptions and embraces positive change. Very comfortable with outside-the-box thinking. Adept at associative thinking and abstract logical reasoning, to solve complex systems problems despite incomplete or ambiguous definition. Quickly translates product requirements into feasible system architectures and technology platforms. A firm believer in DWYSYWD (do what you said you will do). Fluent writer.

A science, technology, hardware engineering and systems engineering knowledge resource who brings a uniquely competent vision supported by well-honed analytical skills, plus breadth and depth of knowledge across multiple disciplines; who has a documented trail of product successes, able to apply advanced concepts to strategic technology management and development decisions. Pioneer in high-end all-digital home theater, and inventor of a new infrared remote control repeater technology.  Extensive engineering design and product experience has given me a good idea of what works, and how to avoid common risk factors, covering the gamut of analog, high-speed digital, mixed signal circuitry and instrumentation systems, and also real-time DSP algorithms, RF and baseband signals and systems (particular interests). Maintains technology roadmaps. Continues professional development. Member of IEEE and AES. Experienced presenter, manager, educator, and mentor.


In my early years as a physicist and biomedical engineer, I worked with some of  the top people in these fields. During this time I completed a Masters degree in applied physics, with specialization in digital signal processing. Later, while working as an instructor of electronic engineering, I began a collaboration with CERN physicist and fellow audiophile John Hagelin. This led to the formation of a small high-end audio company named Enlightened Audio Designs (EAD), which was formed on the premise that something was wrong with the conventional approach to analog-to-digital conversion in the digital audio compact disc system. By combining our physics and engineering expertise, John and I developed a new approach to the design of the critical current-to-voltage converter stage, which we called AccuLinear. The AccuLinear circuitry revised the conventional wisdom about digital audio quality by demonstrating the necessity of using high-gain, video-speed, devices to properly integrate the audio staircase current waveform. AccuLinear  functioned by using an op amp with i) a sufficiently high open loop gain,  ≈ 65536, to give good low frequency accuracy, and ii) a high enough gain bandwidth product, 40 MHz, for fast linear settling. These techniques and others ensured accuracy for large and small signals alike, whether low frequency or high, or of a transient nature, largely preventing non-linear settling behavior and consequent transient intermodulation distortion. Transient intermodulation distortion is thought to be the major cause of dissatisfaction with digital audio compared to analog sources. The AccuLinear design innovation was applied to dozens of innovative and award-winning audio EAD products.

Several years later, when the high-end audio boom was beginning to flatten, I persuaded my business partners that digital home theater, based on Dolby Laboratories' up-coming 5.1-channel AC-3 technology, was where we needed to be. Building on my vision of the architecture for this product, which was named TheaterMaster, I became project manager, leading a team of five. With development work proceeding apace, we successfully exhibited a prototype in June 1994 at summer CES in Chicago. Six months later at winter CES, January 1995, we showed off our production version of the TheaterMaster, the world's first consumer 5.1-channel surround sound processor. In the six-to-nine month window of opportunity before there was any competition, we sold 800 pieces. Working initially in the role of Director of Engineering, as the EAD brand evolved, I was promoted to VP of Engineering, in which role I developed a new, more advanced, line of home theater audio processors (the Signature/Ovation/Encore TheaterMasters). When EAD transitioned in 2000 to a successor company known as Thunder Lake Audio, I was appointed as its CTO. Hit hard by the aftermath of the 9/11 events in 2001, Thunder Lake was purchased by an Oregon company, Tara Labs, who created a small company, Alpha Digital Technologies, to develop new products under the EAD brand, with me on board as Chief Engineer. One of my product designs at Alpha Digital was the DVDMaster 8000 Pro, a unique DVD-Audio player designed to appeal to audiophiles and videophiles alike. In 2003, this product, which the first DVD-Audio player with full 5.1-channel bass management, and which also used Silicon Image 480p video line-doubler circuitry, won the coveted SGHT Editors' Choice Platinum Award for best DVD player.

My next significant career phase was with the Miami-based custom whole-home audio company, Niles Audio, where as lead engineer I was tasked by vice president Frank Sterns with getting a new whole-home audio system to market. As a result, the project went from ailing and in danger of being canceled, to becoming, in 2007, Niles biggest success story ever, as well as the recipient of several major industry awards. Promoted shortly after to Chief Architect of Systems, I contributed to many other Niles products and technology platforms, including a whole home digital audio streaming device that plays Internet Radio, Pandora, Sirius-XM, Rhapsody, and iTunes. Despite Niles' continuing brand success, the housing downturn in 2008, together with the on-going commoditization of whole home audio, and strong competition from a strong new D.I.Y. wireless audio competitor, resulted in the loss of Niles' brand independence and a downsizing of the company, culminating in the loss of nearly all of Niles' engineering and technical team.

Long known by the friendly nickname of "Professor" (a result of my engineering instructor days), I stay current in the latest technologies, especially audio/video, but also amateur radio and music. In my spare time I tend to immerse myself in technology and writing. However, for a healthy lifestyle balance and relaxation, during weekends I can often be found hiking with my wife, and photographing the fauna and flora of southern California and/or Oregon.


  • Played a pivotal role in bringing Niles Audio�s award-winning ICS multizone audio system to market, increasing revenues by $25M in 2007 (a 50% increase), Niles� best year ever. I had been hired to lead the solution of myriad design problems in this product that was over-budget, only partially functional, & in danger of being canceled. [ICS website link]

  • Architect, lead engineer & project manager for the award-winning, critically-acclaimed TheaterMaster Classic (the world�s first consumer Dolby Digital/DTS audio processor), demonstrated at CES 1995, and shipped in February 1995, 6 months ahead of its rivals. All 5.1 modes, 2� CinEQ, Hafler Matrix, Mono expander, 2� bass, and AutoSetup mic. Lifetime revenues of $5M on 800 units. See, Home Theater Technology Feb �95, pp. 10, 80-, 81, 89; Audio (Ger.) Apr �95, p.3, 142; Video Apr �95, p.52; Video May �95, cover, p.38; USA Today Jul 18, �95, 6D; AV Interiors Jul �95, p.17.

  • Inventor & co-developer of a cost-effective high-fidelity wideband IR repeater, patent application US 2010/0258729 A1, suitable for the new high-density codes (Philips RC-MM, UEI XMP, etc.), sustaining Niles� $5M per year IR sales. A new IR sensor based on this technology, the MS220, was named a Finalist for the 2010 CEA Mark of Excellence Award.

  • Architect & lead engineer for 2nd-generation TheaterMaster, preventing competitive erosion of $2.5M annual sales. Launched Jan 1998: Dual DSP, 4� Butterworth bass management, absolute speaker phase test, alphanumeric GUI. Sept 2002: Reference Cinema 6.2/ Cinema 7.1 modes, new GUI & custom DSP modes; See Audio Nov �98; Stereophile Guide to Home Theater Dec �98.

  •  Architect & developer of the nationally & internationally acclaimed EAD PowerMaster home theater multi-channel power amplifiers. Based on multi-parallel, bridged power devices to increase speed and decrease distortion, as clean at 3 W per channel as at 300 W. See Stereo (Ger.) Nov �99; Prestige Audio Vid�o (Fr.) Jan �00.

  • Developer of the EAD SmartCable, a very compact, in-line, AC-3 RF demodulator, popular for laserdisc playback in the early days of the Dolby Digital 5.1-channel surround sound format.

  • Inventor of the award-winning EAD DSP-9000 III, and DSP-7000 III audiophile DACs, which utilized the critically acclaimed Hagelin-Roxburgh AccuLinear technology, and Digital Flywheel quartz PLL clocking methodology for ultra-low TID and jitter (10 psrms).



Audio / Video / Analog / Digital / Mixed-signal / RF / microwave /antennas / EMC / ESD / Ethernet / PoE / low-power design/power management architecture/power supplies (linear 5 W � 2 kW, SMPS 1�100 W). Reliability-based design optimization. CMOS VLSI design and layout, I2C, SPI, RS232, RS485, CVBS, VGA, SDI, BT656, HDMI, DVI, LVDS, 802.15.4, 802.11, CPLD, ARM, PIC, NAND flash and parity ECC, SDRAM, EEPROM, and other related technologies.
Instrumentation signal conditioning & interface (solar pyranometer, anemometer, thermometer, rain gauge, ns PIN photodiode, photomultiplier, thermopile, more...); data logging & analysis; battery systems, solar charging, environmental packaging. High-voltage, high-pressure spark gaps and tapered RC charging networks, 0-50 kV, UV gas laser design, including EM shielding and treatment; optical design; ray-tracing; sensor integration. FMEA (failure modes and effects analysis), FTA (fault tree analysis). Electromechanical design.


NI Multisim; SPICE; MATLAB; Mathematica; WinSMITH; WinLINE; Wireshark (RF and wired); AWR Microwave Office; Protel/Altium EDA tools; Berkley CMOS VLSI design tools: magic, crystal, cosmos, esim, spice, eqntott, espresso, mpla, peg, etc.


SOP creation, best engineering practices, functional specs, test plans/reports, PTCR (Performance, Time, Cost, Risk) analysis, RCA (root cause analysis), failure analysis, product management, project management, product marketing, competitive analysis. Systems architecture specialist with IC (internal communications) experience. Technical & scientific writing.


EMC/EMI/ESD/CE/FCC/RF vector network analysis, SPICE-based Monte Carlo WCA or WCCA (worst-case circuit analysis), statistical analysis, USB interface signal logging (thermocouples, voltage, current, etc.) and Excel analysis, worst-case and average-case performance analysis of firmware.


DSP algorithm design and implementation: FIR, IIR filter design, FFT, convolution; discrete mathematics: difference equations, numerical methods, time-space trade-off and big-O complexity analysis of algorithms.


Embedded C; 68K, PIC, 68HC11, ZR38001 assembler; VHDL.

Desktop Tools:

MS Office 2010, Visio, MS Project 2010, FrontPage; Adobe Photoshop; Sony Sound Forge.
Windows, Unix, Linux.


Amateur Radio Extra Class License; FCC Radio Station Operator Certificate.


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University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA                                                                     Cumulative GPA 3.89

Graduate coursework in ECE PhD program (Intro to VLSI Design, Computer Communication, Microcomputer-Based Systems, Individual Investigations in ECE), July 1988, July 1990.
One-micron CMOS design project: Binary Lookahead Carry Adder, Aug. 1988. (20 pp.)
Individual Investigation report: On Computing the Discrete Fourier Transform, July 1990. (34 pp.)

University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ

M.Sc. (Physics/Applied Physics; Math & Applied Math Minor)  May 1987 
Thesis title: The Simple Fourier Transform. (249 pp.)
Post Grad Dip. Sci. (Physics/Applied Physics), May 1973
Thesis title: N2 Laser at 337.1 nm for the Study of Organic Laser Dyes. (54 pp.).
B.Sc. (Physics/applied Physics Major; Math & Applied Math Minor), May 1971

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